Come to Take Me Back

Penelope Bloom grew up in the 80s. But her parents still live in the 60s.

The child of two aging hippies, Pen grew up in Willow Bend, a sleepy Catskills village that was home to “Little Woodstock,” a not-so-famous music festival back in the day. While her friends are watching Flashdance and listening to Madonna, Pen was home-schooled and taught the fine art of weaving.  Yearning for normalcy, Pen left her off-the-grid house and her family’s weaving business, determined never to touch another piece of yarn. But when her little sister is suddenly widowed, Pen has to face the family to which she’s never quite belonged and an inheritance she never wanted—her grandmother’s house and the antique loom that symbolized everything Pen wanted to leave behind.                                 

Armed with plenty of bitterness and a secret that weighs on her heart like a stone, Pen returns to Willow Bend to find a sick mother, a damaged sister, and a brother who lives like a hermit. And based on the number of cannabis plants in the greenhouse, a father who still has a nasty pot habit. She also reconnects with childhood buddy Jake Thompson, who is not quite the gangly, flannel-shirted, kid she remembers.

Once Pen reveals what she knows, her already fragile family ties, as well as her relationship with Jake, are strained to the breaking point—and the life that she’s so carefully crafted threatens to unravel.


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