Busy Nothings

I've been blogging on and off for ten years, mostly about writing, but also about my role models (Jo March and Mary Tyler Moore, to name two). I’ve waxed poetic about the Jersey shore. Noted my favorite films, favorite foods, and favorite holidays, even confessing my lapsed New Year's resolutions and broken Lenten promises. I’ve written about my teaching career, and I’ve commented on pop culture. I’ve featured my former dog, the late, lamented Baci, as well as my current dog, the charming but nervous Lucy. I’ve mused on being Italian, being a mother, being female--you name it, and somewhere in the last decade I have talked about it on a screen.

woman bent over desk.jpg

And the "talking" is what I love about blogging. It's a conversation, hopefully with others, but if not, that's okay, too. For those of you who know me as Rosie Genova, welcome to my alter-ego, Rosemary D. This bit of musing will be the first of my "busy nothings" on my new blog. I'd love it if you stopped in and love it even more if you comment. Thanks. There’s more to come. . .