Dancing with Strangers

On late summer nights in New York City, one of my favorite things to do is walk down to Hudson River Park. It's a gathering place for dog walkers, joggers, couples, and even the occasional tourist or two. (Last time we were there, we met a lovely French family on  their first day in the U.S.)

There's always something happening out on the pier--people fishing, free concerts, and even ballroom dancing.

In the photo above, most of the couples you see did not arrive together. Many of the dancers arrive as singles and wait patiently until a partner is free. I watch them step confidently into the arms of a man or woman they may have never met. They twirl and dip and fox trot and tango, at such ease, holding the hand of a relative stranger. I watch them and think how brave they are. But more than brave, they are beautiful, gliding around the pier with the sky, the river, and the cityscape as their backdrop.